Life Transitions

life transitionsEvery phase of life comes with specific themes of development and challenge. Often these times entail dramatic change – of identity, role, perspective, vocation, passion, location, and relationship. Whether these developments are wanted or unforeseen, exciting or earth-shattering, life transitions bring the unexpected, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable into the foreground of our everyday life. Waking up, getting dressed, working, having fun, and even connecting with those closest to us can suddenly seem foreign or difficult. With compassionate support, uncertain times turn into times of rebirth and amazing growth.

Common areas of life transition that impact us are:

Adolescence/coming of age
First intimate relationships
Searching for meaningful work
Beginning/Ending relationships, including marriage and divorce
Spiritual or existential crisis
Shift of values
Shift of ideas about gender roles
Death of a loved one
Increasing global awareness/concern for large scale issues affecting humanity and the environment