anxiety and stressHigh levels of stress and anxiety are incredibly common, and unfortunately many people become so accustomed to living in this state of nervous system hyperarousal that they come to know this state as a baseline. The tremendous impact of anxiety states, from low grade, chronic stress, to severe anxiety which can include panic attacks and feelings of depersonalization (feeling like you’re not real) on the brain’s functioning and the immune system is at the heart of current medical research on wellness and chronic illness. For many, this state of anxiety can feel inescapable and sometimes debilitating. Stress inhibits our ability to relate, empathize, play, be creative, flexible, and patient. It can wreck havoc on our most important relationships.

The good news is: there are very concrete steps that can be taken to effectively reduce the internal patterns that lead to and exacerbate anxiety. It is a physiological response. It is a natural response to stimuli that the body and instinctive brain react to as threats to our survival.

To change the role anxiety and stress play in your life I can help you:

Learn to slow down your reactions and become aware of your stress triggers
Explore and expand the places in your life where you find inspiration
Identify and interrupt cycles of feelings-thoughts-beliefs that increase anxiety
Practice using a variety of tools to shift your body’s chemistry and rhythms
Understand how anxiety may have served you, and imagine yourself without it
Protect yourself from stimuli that are negatively impacting you
Strengthen your ability to respond to the demands of your life
Eliminate stressors that don’t serve you
Say “No” and “Yes” when you mean it
Build a lifestyle that nurtures you
Acknowledge your needs
Clarify your sense of purpose