dan by a lakeUniversally, human lives follow cycles of beginning, celebration, maturation, completion, loss, emptiness or the unknown, and beginning again. Known as the hero or heroine’s journey, each person finds her way through difficulty and back into harmony repeatedly in a lifetime.

Many people find they desire support when they are experiencing loss, emptiness, or the unknown. “I’m stuck,” “I don’t know what to do,” or “I don’t think I can do this,” are common things people say when at the point of loss or the unknown. It is also common for people to reach a point when they anticipate a need for change, but aren’t sure how to navigate from where they stand. Many reach this stage and aren’t sure what they need at all, much less how to move toward it, or if anyone could possibly help.

Although this can feel destabilizing, I find that it is the point at which we have the opportunity to gain tremendous power and insight. It is the place of pure potential and possibility.

Individual therapy can help.

My specialties include:

Irritability and frustration
Beginning/Ending relationships
Difficulty communicating
Critical of self or others
Spiritual or Existential Crisis
Creative Expression
Gender roles/Gender identity
Conflict Transformation