Listen to your Wild


July 20-22, 2017

Listen to Your Wild: Women’s Backpacking Journey

The Call:

You’re an ancient, vibrant, soulful creature.

You were born for freedom, self-expression, and wildness.  You were born for genius that belongs only to you, this once.

You follow your soul’s call to the wild, to be close to stars, rocks, and feel close to your own essence, to the source.

You are aware of the rising tide in your heart and in the world, and long to anchor into truth, and know your power.

You leave behind things that weigh you down and clutter your heart.

You listen to the call, and go.

You remember.

Your legs are strong, your breath is full, you climb.

You’re grateful. You can see more clearly. So much is possible.

You celebrate.

You return, changed. More You. Shining. Empowered.

Join me for a 3 day wilderness journey in the gorgeous Three Sisters Wilderness in Oregon, in the limited access area of Obsidian Falls, along the Pacific Crest. 

All ages and levels of experience are welcome. Learn minimum impact backpacking skills, practice yoga, write, and connect with the wild wisdom that is YOU, and is all around you.

I will share special preparation materials and support, including my very own, tried and true, lady-specific backpacking gear list, some journal questions to help you experience this journey to to the depth that your soul desires, and pre-trip preparation.  I will specify which gear is individual, and which items can be shared by the group and therefore divided among us. The pre-trip prep meeting, July 13, 4:30-6:30 PM, will allow me to help you go through gear, packing practice (there is a method that makes it more comfortable to shoulder the weight of your backpack!), pack fitting, going over minimum impact practices, wilderness safety and care, and of course, meeting one another and introducing our souls’ desires for the trip and beyond. We will meet for the start of our journey on the morning of Thursday July 20, at the Obsidian Falls Trailhead. I will plan meals and teach people the basics of setting up a back country kitchen that we carry in our packs.

I am creating this journey as a space for this group to enter the wilderness as a reverent, inquisitive, and transformative process.  There will be some structure in the form of morning and evening circles to listen and speak genuinely about the things we want to grow and expand in ourselves, and identify the things that we no longer need in our lives.  We will do some journal writing focused around generating possibilities and imagining new stories for ourselves and how we impact the world.  We will do some yoga, mindfulness practice and imaginative visualization to build inner resources.  There will also be plenty of unstructured time and space to be, daydream, ponder, talk, or be quiet.

I am a certified Wilderness First Responder, with experience in desert, alpine, and coastal wilderness settings.  I  will support you to travel by foot in a safe and fun way. I’m at home backpacking, and want to help you feel confident enough that when you feel the mountains calling, you can go!

Space limited to 8 participants. Register by June 15. Cost: $375, includes meals.
Please call me, 415-279-3642, to register. Feel free to call with any questions you have.


Facilitating transformative group experiences is one of my passions. I offer multiple types of groups. From expressive arts therapy groups to wilderness backpacking retreats, to rites of passage, I facilitate group experiences with the intention of providing a setting and context of safety, shared challenge, and exploration of inner and outer aspects of our lives, to promote dynamic and positive change in the direction we choose. Within a group, people have the chance to experience things that are outside the realm of everyday situations and relationships.

To witness others and be witnessed by others in a group or circle that has come together for a specific purpose is a tradition that spans cultures, continents and eras. We have an instinctive need to come together to connect, be creative, to mourn, gather clarity, ideas, share stories, and mark significant times and transitions in our lives. A journey, project, or process, shared with a group is an experience that can help us redefine who we are and mark the end of one stage of life and the beginning of another.