consultationI provide professional consultation, facilitation, and training to support leaders and teams to increase connection, creative engagement, effective communication, and collaboration to solve problems. The emotional center of our brains, the limbic system, performs an unconscious assessment of its environment 5 times per second, and determines whether or not the environment is safe and rewarding, or dangerous. When the brain determines that it is excluded, or even that there is a possibility that it may be, it pulls resources away from the parts of the brain that would enable creativity, collaboration, and participation. It assesses threat and disengages, whether one wants it to or not.

Without intending to, many leaders struggle with how to empower people to do their best, and also ensure they do what needs to be done. Many groups want to make the change that is called for during our times, from hierarchical structures where few people are involved in expressing vision, solving problems or given space to experiment, to the new structures which are based in transparent and neurobiologically savvy leadership.

Please contact me to discuss how I can work with you to explore how to move toward a more collaborative and empowering leadership style for your organization.