Finding a Therapist

PresenceIf you have begun to look for a therapist, some part of you desires change.

Whatever circumstances you are experiencing, you can find and claim the solid ground in yourself, and move forward with strength, heart, and authenticity.

You can have relationships that feed you, and powerfully navigate the ones that don’t.

You can change your life dramatically by exploring an unknown path and using your imagination.

You can open to the love that you want to share.

Your dark times, pain, and secret regrets and losses, lovingly explored, can be the source of your wisdom and forgiveness, for yourself and others.

Every therapist is unique in their approach, training, and presence. Although the specific training and modalities used by a therapist are incredibly important, much of the value of psychotherapy, be it brief or long term work, lies in the quality of the connection between therapist and client. This is a function of training, and it is also a result of the style and personality match of therapist and client.

Although it can feel overwhelming to take the steps of finding a therapist, following through with this decision to care for yourself will be empowering for you, knowing you are taking action. I encourage you to trust the voice within you that is reaching for some type of external support, guidance, and compassion. The value of what may come of this process is immeasurable.