Laurel FineConnection. Presence. Compassion. Imagination.

As an integral, or holistically oriented psychotherapist, I see the individual as a whole as well as a part of many larger and dynamic relationships. Mental well-being is an experience that arises from the nervous system, relationships and attachments to family and significant people, a sense of meaningful participation, belonging, environmental health, biological rhythyms, archetypal patterns, belief structures, and everyday habits of mind.

I work with the experience of the present as well as memory of the past, with curiosity, compassion, and focus. We explore whatever arises: bodily sensations, images, dreams, and repetition in a way that is unique to every client. Through this exploration clients identify the places where they feel disconnected, rigid, and ill at ease, as well as the places they feel comfort, integrity, and purpose.

I use a combination of modalities, collaborating with my clients in a way that is empowering and client led. Collaborative and consistent relationships have been scientifically proven to restructure the brain and heal trauma. This can lead to decreased emotional reactivity, and increases brain functions such as creativity, curiosity, flexibility, and playfulness. This process allows clients to lead lives that are increasingly authentic, satisfying, and happy.

My demeanor is compassionate, accepting, warm, and curious. I am also directive, practical, solution focused, and challenging when a client is ready for this. All people need a unique balance of safety and expansion in order for change and growth to occur. As I get to know a client, I develop an understanding of the right pace and balance of these elements to suit their growth.